Warwickshire Crime Commissioner Ron Ball recovering from hip replacement

Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball
Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball will be away from his office for a number of weeks after having a routine hip replacement surgery yesterday (Wednesday July 29).

During his absence, Deputy PCC Dr Eric Wood will be covering the Commissioner’s key meetings and major diary commitments.

Mr Ball, who is said to be recovering well from the surgery, said he is aiming to return to work as quickly as possible but will be keeping in touch with his office in the meantime while he recuperates from home.

He said: “Although I will be away from the office while I recover from the surgery and undergo physiotherapy, I am determined to continue with my duties as far as possible. Thanks to modern technology, keeping in touch with the office is easier than ever, so I will be following developments with keen interest.

“As soon as I am back on my two feet I hope to return to work but in the meantime my deputy, Dr Eric Wood, will represent me at meetings and official functions. I couldn’t wish for a safer pair of hands to ensure the continued delivery of the Police and Crime Plan in my absence.

“My hip has been troubling me for some time, so I am very much looking forward to being pain-free and devoting all my energies once more to ensuring Warwickshire continues to enjoy a first class police service.”