Warwickshire Police announce lowest crime levels in the county for six years

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NEW figures show crime levels are continuing to fall with significantly fewer people being a victim of crime in Warwickshire.

In the last six years, since current recording practices began, crime levels have dramatically decreased.

Announcing the latest performance statistics today, Chief Constable Andy Parker said: “People should feel safe living, working and visiting Warwickshire as crime levels are at a significant and outstanding low in the county.

“More and more people are being protected from crime in Warwickshire which means they are even less likely to become a victim of crime.

“In the last six months there have been nearly 2,000 fewer victims of crime compared to the same period (April to September) last year. And if you compare April to September 2006 to the same period in 2012 there have been more than 7,600 fewer victims.”

Below are some of the latest statistics from Warwickshire Police (figures all refer to April to September 2012 compared to the same period in 2011):

- 1,907 fewer people were the victims of crime (an 11% decrease from 17,285 to 15,378), the best recorded decrease in the first six months of the year since recording in this way started in 2006.

- 173 fewer vehicle crimes took place (an 8.3% decrease from 2,095 to 1,922).

- 1,005 fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour occurred (a decrease of 8.3% from 12,127 to 11,122).

- 133 fewer people were victims of serious violence (a decrease of 9% from 1,475 to 1,342).

- 136 fewer homes were burgled (a decrease of 12.3% from 1,106 to 970)

- 26 fewer robberies took place (a decrease of 15% from 173 to 147).

Chief Constable Parker added: “The simple fact is that in the whole of Warwickshire there is on average only five burglaries a day, one robbery and seven incidents of serious violence. This makes Warwickshire a particularly safe place to live.

“Crime has been falling steadily since 2006 and this year I am delighted the force has achieved its biggest ever decreases, in the first six months of the year, since then.

“These are visible results of the hard work of our officers, staff and volunteers working tirelessly with partners and local communities. I want people in this county to live in safety protected by an excellent police force.

“We are actively targeting criminals and tackling areas where crimes most occur.”

Chair of Warwickshire Police Authority Phil Robson said: “I am delighted to be in a position to once again be stating that crime continues to fall in Warwickshire.

“The authority is responsible for ensuring that all available policing resources are used as effectively as possible to protect communities from harm. That means tackling crimes that cause the most harm, and criminals who are most active, as well as working with local partners and communities to deal with local priorities.

“Therefore it is with great pride that I say how extremely delighted I am at the excellent performance the force has recently achieved.

He added: “Warwickshire Police Authority has always worked extremely closely with the force, all officers, staff and volunteers, and this has been of huge benefit when focusing our joint work on reducing crime in local communities and catching criminals.

“The authority will be succeeded by a Police and Crime Commissioner, elected on November 15 and who assumes office on November 22. As you can see they will inherit a force which is strong and continues to focus on delivering the best possible protection. I know that policing services will be even more efficiently and effectively delivered in alliance with West Mercia in the years ahead.

“With this in mind I would like to thank the force and all of our local communities and partners for their continued support and engagement.”