Warwickshire Police ask for views on policing

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Warwickshire Police has launched a new telephone Crime and Safety Survey to ask residents what they think about policing in their area and understand where policing services may need to improve.

Chief Supt Martin McNevin, head of local policing, said: “This is an important survey as it helps us establish local people’s views on those issues that matter most to them such as crime and antisocial behaviour.”

From this week, people living in Warwickshire may receive a phone call from a market research company asking for their views on crime and the impact that crime is having on them in terms of feelings of safety and confidence in the police.

There are also questions relating to specific initiatives going on in their local neighbourhood, which will help us to assess how well people think these are working and questions about how safe or unsafe people feel on their local roads.

Chief Supt Martin McNevin said: “The survey is completely optional and there is no obligation to take part. But for many this is an opportunity for people to tell us honestly what they think about local policing in their area.

“Improving the confidence and satisfaction of our communities is key for Warwickshire Police and consulting local residents will help us and our partner agencies react to local needs and provide a better service.

“We are also interested in the level of people’s worries and fears about crime because these can often be out of proportion to actual crime levels. This is particularly important across Warwickshire as it remains an area of low levels of crime and anti social behaviour.

“Sometimes problems exist that do need to be tackled directly, however on other occasions more visible patrolling and improved communication between the police and the community are the key to providing reassurance.”

The survey will be carried out continuously throughout the rest of this financial year and the information obtained from the surveys will also be used to inform Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner during the priority setting process presented in the annual Policing Plan.

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball said: “I need to keep my Police and Crime Plan up to date and so it is vitally important that I have information that is reliable and also up to date. The information provided from this survey will help enormously in that process. I would ask members of the public to take the few minutes it takes to complete this to help enable me to ensure that we can provide the policing that you-the people of Warwickshire-want”.

To ensure a random survey is achieved, unfortunately requests cannot be taken to participate in the survey. However, members of the public are encouraged to contact their Local Policing Team or attend a PACT event if they have any issues or concerns they would like to raise with us.

Police are keen to reassure the public that if they are contacted by the interviewers and wish to check that it is a genuine call or just to find out more, you can contact Elena James or Emily Southall in Business Assurance & Improvement on 01905 332866 or 01905 338814.