Warwickshire police commissioners to debate in Dunchurch

Cllr Howard Roberts who organised the debate
Cllr Howard Roberts who organised the debate

THE county’s three police commissioner candidates are taking part in a public debate on rural policing next Wednesday.

The hustings will take place on Wednesday October 31 at 7pm in Dunchurch Village Hall. It has been arranged by independent borough councillor Cllr Howard Roberts and is open to all interested residents in the county. The elections for Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) take place on November 15, when one of three candidates, Conservative Fraser Pithie, Labour’s James Plaskitt and independent Ron Ball will be elected as the county’s PCC.

Cllr Roberts said: “I am delighted that the police commissioner candidates are to attend this debate. Here residents can drill down to find out their views on rural policing. I have always feared a situation where the police authority balances its budget by cutting rural policing. I would like to hear from the candidates how they are going to fight to make rural policing a priority.”

Warwickshire’s PCC will be responsible for holding the chief constable to account, setting up a police and crime plan, setting the force budget and precept and engaging with the public. It will not be for the PCC to tell the police how to do their job - as the operational independence of the police will be retained by officers. The Government has also said the operations of the police will not be politicised and that who is arrested and how investigations work will not become political decisions. Another debate for community groups will be taking place today (Thursday) in the Ivor Preece Centre, Binley Woods, between 10.30am and 2.30pm.