Warwickshire Police release summer drink drive figures showing younger drivers are most at risk

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YOUNG drivers in Warwickshire continue to cause concern about their attitude to drinking and driving, according to Warwickshire Police.

During the national Summer Drink Drive campaign between June 1 and 30, 2012, police in Warwickshire carried out a total of 789 road side breath tests of which 47 drivers, or 6% gave positive results, or refused or failed to provide a breathe sample.

A breakdown of the Warwickshire figures show that 142 of those requested to give a road side breath test were under 25-years of age, with 12 of those, or 8.5% giving a positive result showing excess alcohol (or refusing or failing to provide a breath sample) .

This compares to 35 or 5.4% of motorists aged 25-years and older who gave a positive result, out of 647 motorists in the older age group who were tested.

In addition the increased likelihood of being involved in a collision after having a drink is also re-enforced with the figures showing that of 146 road side breath tests carried out following a collision, 21 drivers or 14.4% provided a positive breathe test (or refused or were unable to provide), while out of 642 road side breath tests that were taken during June where there had not been a road collision, 26, or 4% proved positive..

Superintendent Adrian McGee, speaking about the results said: “The figures are disappointing and it is obvious that increased education for younger drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is vital.

“In the past three years 54 people have been killed, or suffered serious injuries in Warwickshire where alcohol, or drugs was found to be a factor in the collision. Of those 52% of the drivers were aged between 17 - 30 years.”

“2012 is a summer of celebration, with more opportunities than usual for people to socialise and enjoy the events that are taking place during the Olympics and other festivities. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but we say plan ahead if there is a chanced you will be having a drink.

“It is impossible to calculate how much anyone can drink before they pass the legal limit because everyone is different, so the best advice is not to drink at all if you are driving.

“Book a taxi, agree which one of your group will not drink and can then drive the others or check the bus and train timetables - before you go out.”

The national drink drive campaign ran during June, but Warwickshire police officers are continuing to focus on motorists who drink and drive, or who drive under the influence of drugs, throughout the year.

Any driver involved in a collision where the police attend can be asked to provide a road side breath test, and police officers can also stop any motorist who they suspect of driving with excess alcohol.

“Drivers should be aware that they may still have alcohol in their system the following morning, if they have been drinking the night before. You may still be over the limit which will can still lead to an automatic 12-month ban and a fine, or even a prison sentence.” Said Supt Adrian McGee.