Warwickshire’s Chief Constable and Police Commissioner to debate rural policing in Rugby

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Rural crime will be the subject of Dunchurch Division’s next locality forum meeting.

On Wednesday September 11 Warwickshire Chief Constable, Andy Parker, and Warwickshire’s Police and Crime commissioner, Ron Ball, will meet councillors and residents at Leamington Hastings Village Hall to discuss the issue of rural policing.

Cllr Howard Roberts, borough and county councillor for the area, invited the two men to the forum in order to put the issue of rural policing at the top of the agenda.

Cllr Roberts said: “Rural crime is often overlooked but its importance cannot be overstated. In order for the rural life to survive and flourish residents need to feel safe. I have invited the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner to the meeting so that residents can raise their concerns and put across suggestions to the men who make the big decisions on this subject in Warwickshire.

“Anyone with an interest in rural policing is very welcome to come along. The meetings I chair are relaxed, informal and allow all points of views to be aired. I want to use the presence of these two individuals to really press home the importance of preventing rural crime.”