Warwickshire’s director of public health urges peple to walk a marathon during the London Olympics

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WARWICKSHIRE’S director of public health John Linnane has challenged people to walk a marathon during the Olympics.

“Most of us in Warwickshire believe we do enough activity to be fit – but in reality only one in ten of us do enough activity for the benefit of our health. The recommended level of activity is 150 minutes a week and this can be broken down into 10 minute chunks.

“If you walked for 30 minutes a day for the duration of the Olympic Games you will have completed your own marathon – get family or friends to join you or set up a group at work. Walking is a fantastic activity which is free and almost everyone can do it,” said John Linnane.

Across Warwickshire there are measured miles in some local parks as well as walking groups in each District that are supported by District Councils and Voluntary Sector organisations and these can be found on CSW Sports website - www.cswsport.org.uk/exercisereferral

Walking and other forms of physical activity have been shown to: help you control your weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, help with high blood pressure, activity also makes us feel better and can help with anxiety and depression, research has shown that by walking for 30 minutes twice a week in your 40’s and 50’s can reduce your risk of getting dementia by half.