Warwickshire’s waste success

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More than half of all waste is now recycled or composted in

Warwickshire, compared to just a few years

ago when the vast majority went to landfill.

Warwickshire County Council’s residents and partners have

been praised on the work achieved so far in meeting

the goals of the Warwickshire Waste Strategy launched in


In 2004 only 21 per cent of our rubbish was recycled and

composted. We now recycle and compost more than 50 per

cent, reducing reliance on landfill and avoiding costs to

taxpayers amounting to millions of pounds each year.

In order for Warwickshire to continue progress the

Warwickshire waste targets are being updated and suggest

that Warwickshire’s waste reduction and recycling targets

for the end of the strategy period (2020) should be:

· Aim to reduce residual waste to 311kg per household, per

year, by the end of the strategy period (2020).

· Aim to achieve aspirational countryside recycling and

composting targets of 65% by the end of the strategy period


The targets have been developed after seeking views of

residents earlier in the year, key stakeholders at the

Warwickshire Waste Conference and the views of the

Warwickshire Waste Partnership.

To contribute with any additional comments on the proposed

waste reduction and recycling targets please email:


or write to:

Warwickshire County Council, Waste Management, PO Box 43,

Shire Hall, Warwick, CV34 4SX

Any comments should be received by 9h August 2013.