WATCH: Son’s plea to trace the dad he never met

A Rugby-born man is desperately trying to trace his father – who he has never met.

Paul Stuart Beards, 46, known as Paul Stuart, has been looking for his father for most of his life.

Paul Stuart

Paul Stuart

Paul was born in Howkins Road, Brownsover in 1968.

His mother Moya Beards -maiden name Martin - met his father in Rugby when she was living near Wood Street and only knew him for a short time.

Paul said: “The information I have about my dad is very limited but hopefully someone will pick up on something.

“His name is Peter – we don’t know his surname. He was unemployed when he met my mum and he told her he had a sister living in Canada.”

At the time Moya was a single mum to Julie and Terry. She tried to keep the pregnancy quiet.

The family moved to Lancashire when Paul was four and then moved back to Rugby in 1972 to stay with relatives on Wood Street.

Paul went to Lawrence Sheriff school when he was 12 and the family stayed in Rugby for nine months before moving north again.

Peter saw Paul several days after he was born and was told he was his father but did not contact his mother again.

Paul, who now lives in Lancashire, said: “It’s had a big impact on my life.

“I’ve always struggled to stay in relationships and I’ve had 45 jobs since I’ve left school so it’s definitely had an effect.”

Paul approached the Advertiser when he was 19 to help find his dad. He received a phone call after the story was published, but when asked if he was his dad, the caller apologised and hung up.

Paul said: “I just want to know who he is, I want to have an identity and know where I came from.”

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