We’re happier than we were, says study about Warwickshire

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Warwickshire is becoming a better place to live – but roads and pavements are the biggest problems.

A survey of 7,617 residents has found higher levels of overall satisfaction with the county than was the case five years ago, when the study was last conducted.

The county council carried out the ‘Living in Warwickshire’ survey in July last year, looking at a range of issues affecting people’s lives.

Some six per cent of respondents reported that their general health was either poor or very poor, with only 28 per cent stating that their health was very good.

Nearly half of people have an alcoholic drink once a week or more, whilst just over 15 per cent are abstainers. Just over one in ten respondents would like to cut down on their current level of drinking.

Nearly half of all respondents were either fairly or very worried about day-to-day budgeting and the cost of living, with just over half fairly or very worried about longer-term financial planning.

A spokesman said the survey was necessary because of a “lack of robust intelligence” about the lives of people in the county. The findings will be discussed at a meeting of the county’s health and wellbeing board later this month.



**71 per cent of respondents are very or fairly satisfied with the quality of services they receive from Warwickshire County Council

**The most important factors in making somewhere a good place to live are the level of crime, health services, and clean streets. These were selected by 61 per cent, 53 per cent and 44 per cent of residents respectively

**In terms of what most needs improving in their local area, road and pavement repairs (46 per cent) were selected by the largest proportions of residents.