We’re not Nimbys, say Kilsby housing opponents

The campaigners gathered last Monday to voice their concerns
The campaigners gathered last Monday to voice their concerns

Kilsby residents have formed an action group to stop more houses being built in the village.

Currently the village is potentially facing four housing site applications.

People in Kilsby got together on Monday last week to voice their concerns.

Rob Chamberlain from the Action Group said: “What we oppose is large unsympathetic estates being built on the edge of the village with no regard for the infrastructure.

“We are not opposed to all housing by any means – there is a brown field site being cleared for 11 homes at the moment which we welcome.

“We need homes otherwise young people growing up here won’t be able to live here in future.

“Kilsby parish already has DIRFT affecting it, with little economic benefit. The planned 6,200 homes extension to Rugby - that’s twice the size of Towcester - is just across the county border so will be using the roads here.

“We’ve got an application in for 40 homes off the A361 that will go before DDC this summer. There’s a site behind the houses in Rugby Road earmarked by a developer for 100 homes. And only last week a surveyor was spotted on land off Barby Road of a similar size to the Rugby Road site.

“Just looking at the two sites we know for certain, that is a 28.4 per cent increase in the number of homes, and using average occupancy figures, a 36 per cent increase in residents. But neither application consider the infrastructure – the shops, school places, the roads. Only the other year the parish had to buy more land as the village cemetery was full.

“The A361 alone had 14 recorded accidents where someone was injured between January 2011 and December 2013, and the proportion of accidents involving injury is 42 per cent, compared to just 19.7 per cent nationally.”

The group met for a protest on Monday night. Anyone wishing to be involved or to receive updates can email Mr Chamberlain on rob@profitlinkgroup.co.uk.

Mr Chamberlain said: “We are not NIMBYs.

“We already have things in our backyard, and we know the village has to continue to grow. But an increase of that scale is not sustainable or sympathetic to the existing village and its residents.”

He added: “We believe there are strong reasons why these developments should not be built here and ‘we don’t want any homes at all’ is not one of them.”