We’re watching you, Rugby dog-walkers told

Posters will be displayed in 'problem areas'
Posters will be displayed in 'problem areas'

Dog-walkers in Rugby are being warned by a new campaign against pet owners who fail to scoop the poop.

The borough council has joined forces with Keep Britain Tidy to launch the We’re Watching You campaign, which aims to reduce dog fouling in ‘problem areas’.

The campaign follows research showing owners were more likely to pick up after their dog when they believed they were being watched.

Keep Britain Tidy worked with 20 landowners across the country to conduct the research, putting up ‘We’re watching you’ posters in targeted areas. The posters were made from material which can still be seen after dark.

The landowners reported a near 50 per cent fall in dog fouling in the areas targeted - with feedback suggesting dog fouling usually takes place at night or during the winter months, when owners believe they cannot be seen.

The council this week joined the national rollout of the campaign. Cllr Sally Bragg, the councillor with special responsibility for the environment, said: “We know dog fouling remains a real concern for residents, and we’re determined to catch the minority of dog owners who flout the law and damage our environment.

“The message is clear to those owners - we’re watching you and won’t hesitate to take action if you fail to clean up after your dog.”

Under the borough’s dog control orders, owners who fail to clean up fouling face an £80 fixed penalty notice. Failure to pay the notice could result in prosecution, with a maximum fine of £1,000.

Residents can help the council fight dog fouling by becoming a volunteer dog warden. Volunteers can report fouling and other environmental crimes, such as fly-tipping and graffiti, to the council.

All wardens receive a welcome pack, which includes information about the role and posters to promote the dog fouling campaign.

For more information on becoming a volunteer dog warden, visit www.rugby.gov.uk/volunteerwardens

Residents can also report dog fouling and other environmental crimes via the council’s mobile phone app - www.rugby.gov.uk/app

Reports can also be logged via email - ept@rugby.gov.uk - or by phone: (01788) 533857.