Weird and wonderful world of recycling: Warwickshire County Council compile list of the top ten strangest items brought in for recycling

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WARWICKSHIRE’S Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) have had many weird and wonderful items brought in by the public for recycling – including some explosive discoveries!

The latest example on Sunday afternoon saw a hand grenade uncovered by staff in a skip in Nuneaton.

The site was closed off to the public immediately after the alarm was raised as emergency procedures were activated.

Police were called and bomb disposal experts arrived on scene and made the weapon safe and removed it from the site.

The tip opened as normal again on Monday morning but following the grenade discovery, the county council has compiled a list of the top ten of strangest items brought to Warwickshire’s HWRCs, which include a live duck and a 50ft-long boat which the owner was looking to break up and recycle.

Here is the list in full:

10. Cannabis plants recycled in green waste

9. A dead lamb

8. Live ammunition

7. Pair of inflatable dolls

6. Set of risque ‘home photos’

5. A kitten (found alive)

4. Suitcase full of marital aids

3. A duck was (found quacking in green waste and rescued by RSPCA)

2. Hand grenade

1. 50ft-long boat

Cllr Alan Cockburn, Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Communities, said: “I must express thanks to the staff who handled the latest incident very calmly and professionally, and to visitors to the Judkins site who remained patient while it was closed so the explosive could be made safe and there was no further danger to the public.

“We always welcome items of household waste to our recycling centres and the many weird and wonderful items we receive from the public never ceases to amaze us. As usual, it is down to the diligence of our staff who do their utmost to make sure that the items ultimately go to the most appropriate destination.

“Our Household Waste Recycling Centres continue to be very successful and last year our sites across the county received a total of 1.5 million visits and 62,500 tonnes of waste.”

Warwickshire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres are at Hunters Lane in Rugby, Stockton, Grendon, Judkins, Shipston, Cherry Orchard, Princes Drive, Burton Farm and Wellesbourne.