What happened to the clocks in Rugby's shopping centre?

The clock
The clock

Rugby Central, previously the Clock Towers Shopping Centre, has lost its famous Hare and Tortoise clock following a refurbishment project of more than 18 months.

The clock, installed in 1995, depicts a hare and tortoise following each other around the clock face – in a tribute to the fable of the hare and the tortoise.

The clock has been replaced with a television screen - to the dismay of some shoppers.

The other clock, located above one of the entrances to the centre, has also been removed.

A spokesperson for the centre said: “As part of a massive refurbishment and rebranding exercise the clocks were removed from the centre.

“As it was made from fibreglass, the unit had to be dismantled. We understand that the clock was held in affection by many but hope that the work that is being undertaken to the centre will benefit our tenants and customers for years to come. We would like to see Rugby town centre thrive.

"As such we need a modern and vibrant shopping centre.”

The spokesperson said the hare and tortoise clock has been saved while a suitable use is being considered.