What Rugby's MP backed in parliament's 'indicative votes' on Brexit

Mark Pawsey
Mark Pawsey

Here's how Rugby's MP Mark Pawsey voted in Wednesday's indicative votes on Brexit.

Mark Pawsey represents the Rugby constituency which in the 2016 referendum on EU membership voted 58 per cent to Leave.

On Wednesday in the indicative votes held by the House of Commons, here's how Mr Pawsey voted:

We have put the commonly used terms for each option in brackets.

He voted FOR a 'commitment to negotiate a “permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU” in any Brexit deal' [Customs Union], UK membership of the European Free Trade Association (Efta) and European Economic Area (EEA) with a temporary customs union [Common Market 2.0]; and remaining within the EEA and rejoining Efta but being outside a customs union with the EU [EEA/Efta without customs union].

He voted AGAINST all the other options: requiring a public vote to confirm any Brexit deal passed by parliament before its ratification [Confirmatory public vote]; Labour's plan for a close economic relationship with the EU [Labour's Brexit plan]; revoking article 50 two days before Britain would leave the EU without a deal [Revoke article 50 to avoid a no-deal]; leaving the EU without a deal on 12 April [No deal Brexit]; and calling for the government to seek to agree preferential trade arrangements with the EU [Malthouse Plan B].

All eight options failed to get a majority in Wednesday night's vote.

The proposal which came closest to commanding majority support was a cross-party plan - tabled by former Conservative chancellor Ken Clarke - for the whole of the UK to join a new customs union with the EU to ensure tariff-free trade after the UK's exit.

Overall the results were:

Confirmatory referendum - For: 268 Against: 295

Customs union - For: 264 Against: 272

Labour's Brexit plan - For: 237 Against: 307

Common Market 2.0 - For: 188 Against: 283

Revoking Article 50 to avoid no deal - For: 184 Against: 293

No-deal exit on 12 April - For: 160 Against: 400

Malthouse Plan B - For: 139 Against: 422

EFTA and EEA membership - For: 65 Against: 377