What YOU had to say on plans for new shops, restaurants and houses near Rugby train station

If approved, the current buildings will be demolished to make room for the development
If approved, the current buildings will be demolished to make room for the development

New shops, restaurants and houses could be on their way to Rugby if plans to regenerate an area of the town are approved.

A planning application has been submitted to build shops, restaurants, houses, apartments and business units on the Alba Distribution Centre site, off Mill Road, near to the Virgin multi-storey car park.

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The story sparked a strong reaction on the Advertiser’s Facebook page.

Barry Dodd said: “There is NO WAY this should go ahead, unless Mill Road tunnel is widened, and improvements made to Butlers Leap, and other surrounding roads improved. The whole area is already grid-locked at busy times, what with station traffic, college traffic, Junction One, Elliott’s Field, and people collecting parcels from the P.O. More station car parking is essential, yellow lines on Tech Drive also urgently needed. If this goes ahead, commuters will probably use it as an overflow car park as well, if parking isn’t controlled from the start. A Park & Ride scheme would be useful as well, i.e on that spare land next to Elliott’s Field in Leicester Road, linking that area, the station and the town centre.”

Sarah Cross commented: “How about only if they pay to widen the train station tunnel?”

Graham Orion Pax said: “No more development for housing, schools or shops needs to be done before they do work on the infrastructure for traffic within the town. It is already at a point where air pollution levels are concerning. There needs to be changes to the town to allow the influx of people free movement during busy times. It’s at breaking point already with many sections of the town inaccessible at certain times.”

Brenda Coburn commented: “Bring it on. More shops, more bars.”

Lewis Marks said: “We literally have half a mile of barren land between the Peugeot garage and Halfords. Put it there. Then either make Murray road one way or extend the railway bridge to allow for both way traffic. As it stands the traffic is horrific.”

Marc Edward Thomas added: “Surely Clock Tower should be sorted first, updated, more shops. Make it more appealing for people to come to our town.”

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