Who’s the mystery Brandon speedway rider?

The chain may be a giveaway...
The chain may be a giveaway...

He’s colourfully clad, with dirt spraying from his back wheel and a steely gaze shooting through his visor – but one shiny accessory to his garb shows this isn’t any usual speedway rider.

Rugby Mayor Cllr Tony Gillias had set himself a number of challenges for his year in office, one of which was to visit all the villages and hamlets in the Rugby Borough. The final village to visit turned out to be that of Brandon, the home for the Bees speedway team – and where Cllr Gillias rode in his younger days.

The Elite League match on Friday between Birmingham and the Bees was preceded by the mayor - complete with chain of office - taking a couple of laps of the track.

Cllr Gillias said: “It’s certainly a unique achievement nationally for a local authority mayor - maybe even world wide.”