Why getting the right agent is crucial

Gerald Cuddihy
Gerald Cuddihy

You put your house on the market, but the estate agent is the one who actually sells it. Choosing the right agent is a critical decision – it can make the difference between getting a really good price - and not selling your house at all.

But how do you tell the difference between good agents and bad ones?

Gerald Cuddihy, associate at Complete Estate Agents, Church Street, Rugby, said: “Remember – the agent works for you.

“As the seller, you choose the estate agent, and the agent works for you. But the decision to accept an offer remains with you.”

He advised sellers to select a shortlist of agents

“Ask family, friends and neighbours,” added Gerald.

“There is nothing better than a personal recommendation. For most properties, it is best to stay local – local agents know the area.”

He advised people look at the agent’s website – are the pictures well taken, and the descriptions clear?

Gerald said the boards outside properties are indicators of which agents are doing well.

“A good agent will invest in marketing to ensure they get the best price, while a poor one will just wait for customers to come to them,” he said.

“Are they members of a professional trade association, such as the National Association of Estate Agents? Are they members of an accredited independent ombudsman service, namely the Property Ombudsman? Are they open at weekends?”

He said it’s important to trust the agents.

Gerald added: “If you don’t understand something, ask.”

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