Why this Rugby man is eating the most expensive pudding the world has seen

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IT’S CERTAINLY not just your usual apple pie and custard.

Carl Weininger wanted to cheer himself up at his 60th birthday party last week. So the businessman chose a chocolate pudding containing gold, champagne caviar and a two-carat diamond - and costing £22,000.

The Rugby man’s gift to himself has made it into the record books as the world’s most expensive dessert. It was sliced up and served to guests at his party.

But the father-of-two doesn’t particularly like chocolate - and nor does he regard the gesture as particularly extravagant. He said: “My family think I’m crazy - but my friends think ‘it’s just Carl being Carl’.

“I had a recent health scare and thought it would be a great way to cheer myself up and help the Aerobility charity. I have been a member for seven years”

The pudding was on show at the Aviators Ball, a fundraising event for Aerobility, which offers the uniquely uplifting gift of flight to disabled adults and children.

Carl, who had polio as a child and was badly hurt in a motorcycling accident when he was 19, said: “Having the use of one arm and one leg doesn’t stop me doing anything - I like fast cars, fast women and fast food.

“Flying enabled me to be on a par with everyone else. My disability hasn’t stopped me doing anything - I fly, I swim and I shoot.”

Carl’s luxurious dessert was based on a Faberge Easter egg, with the hand-crafted dessert featuring some of the finest ingredients on the market.

Chef Marc Guilbert used Belgian chocolate, infused with a combination of peach, orange and whisky to create a champagne jelly and almond sponge layered base.

It was then finished with real gold leaf and handmade flowers, but the cherry on top was an eye-catching diamond.

Carl said: “I gave people a little taste of the dessert at our charity Aviators Ball at the weekend.

“I’m not much of a chocolate lover myself but all the women who tasted it said ‘Wow!’”

The sweet was unveiled in October in celebration of National Chocolate Week.