Wolston family team take on the Eggheads

A television quiz show veteran from Wolston and his four children will appear on a broadcast of Eggheads later this month '“ but you'll have to wait to find out how they did.

Thursday, 11th January 2018, 9:26 am
Updated Thursday, 11th January 2018, 9:30 am
Front row, left to right: Deanne Evans, Pete Evans, Paul Evans, Samantha Hirons, Mark Evans, Peter Evans.

Pete Evans, 76, and his four children, Mark, Paul, Samantha and Peter traveled to Glasgow last year to take part in an episode of Eggheads – the long-running BBC quiz show hosted by Jeremy Vine.

Mr Evans, a retired business manager, said: “They really looked after us. They put us up in a five star hotel and everyone was very helpful.

“Jeremy Vine is a lovely bloke and he talked about his connection to the area – he began his career as a journalist at the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

“We were really impressed with them, they are all lovely, genuine people.”

This was not the first time the family had been on television.

In 1991 they appeared on Family Fortunes and won.

Mr Evans has a long history of acing quiz shows.

He said: “I took part in a number of TV quiz shows back in the 1980s - about 10 or 11 of them.

“I actually won series five of Countdown in 1984 and that whetted my appetite for them.

“I like words and numbers and cryptic crossword puzzles, things like that.

“I also took part in Fifteen to One, Crosswits and Jeopardy!”

Mr Evans said he has always liked solving problems, especially anagrams and cryptic crosswords.

He first discovered his talent for solving word problems as a child when he overheard his parents struggling with the Radio Times cryptic crossword and was able to help them find the solution.

In 2016 he won £10,000 on ITV’s Tipping Point and he is set to appear on 15 to 1.

When asked if he would like to give any advice to someone considering applying to take part in a quiz show he said: “Just be yourself during the interview.”

Mr Evans’ team name on the Eggheads was “not slow on the uptake” – a nod to his home as “not slow” is Wolston backwards.

The Eggheads episode will be broadcast on BBC Two on Wednesday, January 24.

The show is notoriously difficult, with only 142 teams beating the Eggheads over 1,699 episodes.