Wolston quiz fan takes on ITV game show

Pete Evans.
Pete Evans.

Rugby will get a special mention on a popular ITV quiz show next week.

Pete Evans, who lives in Wolston, is set to appear as a contestant on Tipping Point hosted by Ben Sheppard.

But this isn’t the first time Pete, aged 75, has popped up on our television screens – he made his first TV quiz appearance 60 years ago at the age of 15 and went on to apply for many others as a result.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Pete said: “I took part in a number of TV quiz shows back in the 1980s - about 10 or 11 of them.

“I actually won series five of Countdown in 1984 and that whetted my appetite for them. I like words and numbers and cryptic crossword puzzles, things like that.

“I also took part in Fifteen to One, Crosswits, Jeopardy! and Family Fortunes with my four kids, which we won in 1991.

“I just love the buzz of it. Obviously, on Countdown you get to appear a few times - part of me thinks I would have loved to go into TV presenting at some point!”

Pete is keeping his lips sealed about his performance on Tipping Point but hinted that he doesn’t plan to stop applying for TV quiz shows just yet.

He added: “I’ve not done very many recently. Tipping Point is the first show I’ve done for a while.

“But me and my kids have applied for Eggheads and the producers seem very interested. It’s 25 years since we did Family Fortunes together, so it will be nice to mark the occasion!”

Pete will make his appearance on Tipping Point at 4pm on Wednesday, October 12.