Wolston teenager saved from danger in River Avon by Hillmorton nurse

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A TEENAGER in danger of being swept away down the River Avon was rescued by an off-duty nurse.

Siobhan Hobson, 27, of Jackson Road, Hillmorton was walking her dog through the woods in Wolston when she heard shouting.

Siobhan said: “I didn’t think much of it but then I went round the corner and I saw this boy in the water. His friends were there but no one knew what to do.”

The student nurse grabbed a long branch and pulled the boy out to safety.

The teenager, who was around 15 years old, had jumped in with a body board to go for a swim but had got into difficulty in the river, which had dangerously high water levels and a fast current.

Emergency services were called and Siobhan looked after the boy until they arrived.

Siobhan said: “He was just shivering and he had gone blue. I kept him warm until the ambulance arrived. They treated him for hypothermia.”

Siobhan said she had been thinking a lot about the incident after it happened last week.

She said: “It was a bit scary. I didn’t really think much about it at the time but afterwards I just kept thinking ‘what if I hadn’t been there?’ The boy was really grateful.”

Siobhan now wants to warn people not swim in rivers.

She said: “It’s dangerous. Don’t do it - no matter how hot you are.”

Siobhan’s partner, Paul Winters, said: “The boy is really lucky that she was there to help him. His friends were there but they made no attempt to get him out. He’s a lucky kid. Siobhan is one of those people that would do anything for anyone. She’s a really caring person.”

Siobhan said she did not get the boy’s name but thought he lived in Wolston.