Woman hit by cyclist after stepping off bus in Bilton Road

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POLICE are warning cyclists not to cycle on footpath after a lady was hit by a bike.

According to officers, a lady stepped off a bus in Bilton Road new Westfield Road and was hit by an adult male cyclist who was cycling at speed

down the footpath.

A spokesman for Rugby Town West police team said: “The lady was knocked to the ground with force and sustained a sprain and some very nasty bruising. It is very lucky that she did not sustain greater injuries with the speed the cyclist was travelling.”

The incident, which happened two weeks ago, was not brought to the attention of the police at the time.

The spokesman said: “It is actually illegal for an adult to cycle on the footpath. A footpath is only to be used by persons travelling on foot. Young children are permitted to cycle on the pavement for their own safety but must give way to other footpath users.

“It is often tolerated for other cyclists to use the footpath for reasons of safety, but only if they give way to other footpath users, carry and use a bell to warn people of their presence and do not travel in such a way as to cause a danger to others.

“Police do have the power to stop cyclists over 16 years of age who are using the footpath and penalty notices may be issued for the offence.”