‘Wonder Woman’ Elaine takes on five marathons for cot death charity

Elaine is known as 'Wonder Woman' at Military Fitness.
Elaine is known as 'Wonder Woman' at Military Fitness.

A woman has set herself the challenge of five marathons in five weeks to raise money and awareness of a cot death charity.

Elaine Beauchamp has been helping the Lullaby Trust since losing her baby granddaughter.

Sadly, Chloe died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at 15 weeks of age just before Christmas 2013 and since this, Elaine has been doing everything she can think of to raise money to try to avoid this happening to another family.

Elaine, 52, who is from Rugby, said: “We will be on a treadmill and bike in the Clock Towers shopping centre, Rugby, on March 4 and 5 covering as many times round the M25 as possible.

“I will be joined by Ian Tilley, who ran for the Lullaby Trust in 2015, and his wife Carolyn.”

Elaine has turned her life around and now inspires other people to make life changes.

“I was diagnosed with arthritis and told I’d be in a wheelchair by 40 and only started running three years ago,” she said.

“In my first year of running I lost a stone in weight, started walking everywhere and then stopped smoking.

“I joined Military Fitness Circuits and took part in obstacle course races before moving on to half marathons and then, last year, full marathons. I owe a lot to Jamie Fern at JPF Sports Therapy. Without his help with various injuries I’ve had along the way, I wouldn’t have been able to compete in half of the events.”

Last year, the fundraiser took part in seven marathons including London, Guernsey and the Big 5 Marathon in South Africa.

“I’ve maintained the stone weight loss and eventually I weaned myself off the painkillers and then started getting more active,” added Elaine.

Money raised from Elaine’s fundraising drive will go to the Lullaby Trust and also to bring awareness to their CONI (Care Of Next Infant) programme.

She hopes to raise £3,500 over the duration of the five marathons, which are Manchester on April 2, Brighton on April 9, Bordeaux Night Marathon on April 15/16, London on April 23 and Belfast on May 1.

The Lullaby Trust also runs an information line for parents and professionals (0808 802 6869) and a dedicated line for bereaved families (0808 802 6868).