‘Wonderful’ new exercise classes praised at Drovers House in Rugby

Mary Fellows, Morgan Sinclair and Roy Watkins at Drovers House
Mary Fellows, Morgan Sinclair and Roy Watkins at Drovers House

Residents at a Rugby care home have been amazed by the effects of new exercise classes.

Drovers House in Railway Terrace, run by charity WCS Care, teamed up with Oomph! Wellness – a London-based social enterprise and acronym of Our Organisation Makes People Happy - to deliver the classes.

Oomph! sessions create a party atmosphere by turning the music up loud, using colourful props and encouraging singing and dancing as people are led into an aerobic routine designed to increase circulation, improve health and above all, make people happy.

Mary Fellows, 92, a former Land Army girl who suffers from arthritis, said: “These sessions are unlike anything I’ve seen before and people’s reaction has been wonderful.

“There’s so much singing, dancing and laughter - and that atmosphere remains long after the sessions have finished.

She added: “For me the sessions have also made a huge difference to my arthritis, I feel more able to get out and about and also have lots more flexibility and energy. It makes doing things that my arthritis stopped me doing like housework, making tea and carrying shopping a little easier.”

Morgan Sinclair and Alis Hancox, Drovers House’s two exercise and activity coordinators, host the sessions three times a week after the pair went on an intensive three-day course hosted by Oomph! Wellness.

Roy Watkins, 84, a former train driver who used to work in Rugby, said: “I knew that exercise would benefit people but to see such a big change has been quite moving at times.

“People who can sometimes be quiet or withdrawn have come out of their shells, met people from other households and have really thrown themselves into the sessions – it’s been so good to see people with much more energy.”

He added: “People are happier, sleep better, have a bigger appetite and so have more energy to socialise, live more independently and do the things they enjoy.”

Oomph’s latest user survey found that 95 per cent of residents believed that Oomph! had a positive effect on their health, while participating homes found a 28 per cent reduction in falls and dramatic increases in mobility, wellbeing and independence after the sessions began.

Oomph! sessions at Drovers House are held three days a week.

To find out more or take part, contact Drovers House on (01788) 573955.