Worries over Ryton campsite plan

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Villagers are concerned about plans to create a campsite on green belt land in Ryton-on-Dunsmore.

But they look likely to lose their fight, with officials recommending the proposal is approved.

Michael Ryan of Oxford Road wants to transform pasture land near his home into a camping and caravanning site, with 40 pitches, a play area and building housing facilities including a shop, washrooms and a tractor store.

The parish council however is unhappy that many questions appear to remain unanswered.

In its official statement on the matter, it raises “potential highway safety issues”, states it is “unclear how much of the access in the site is to be covered in tarmac” and asks whether pressurised gas containers would be stored or sold on the site.

It adds that one of the documents submitted with the proposal suggests the site could be developed to provide as many as 120 pitches.

Two neighbours have lodged official objections to the plan. They cite “noise and odour concerns”, “fire risks” and “inadequate parking” among their concerns.

The nearest campsite to Ryton is three miles away, in Stretton-on-Dunsmore.

National policies restrict building on green belt land, which is designed to prevent urban areas “sprawling” into the countryside.

But borough council planning officer Richard Redford believes a campsite would be an “acceptable” use of the land.

In his report on the application, he states: “It is a form of development that cannot readily be provided or catered for within the Rugby urban area or other settlements within the borough.”

There would be 14 parking spaces, which Mr Redford asserts is an “acceptable” number. He also notes that Warwickshire County Council’s highways department has raised no objection to the development.

Regarding the impact on neighbours, Mr Redford states that the site “is positioned adjacent to other buildings and land within the applicant’s ownership”, and that “although there are a number of other dwellings outside the applicant’s control within the locality,” they are far enough away not to be affected.

He recommends that councillors approve the plans with a number of conditions, including that the site is available “for touring caravans only”, and that measures are put in place to protect great crested newts.

The borough council’s planning committee is due to discuss the proposal at its meeting at the town hall on Wednesday, June 12, at 5.30pm. The meeting will be open to the public.