Young mother to 'brave the shave' after losing grandparents to cancer

Serena Fisher.
Serena Fisher.

A Rugby woman will have her hair shaved off to raise money for a cancer charity after losing her grandmother and grandfather two years apart to the same cancer.

Young mother Serena Fisher hopes to raise over £1,000 - enough for cancer charity Macmillan to provide a nurse for a cancer sufferer and their family for one week.

She will 'brave the shave' at the ‘Party on the Green’ in Swinford at 2pm tomorrow, September 1.

Serena said: "When I lost my nan and grandad, Macmillan supported us through it till the end. At the time I didn’t see how I could ever thank them enough for the help and support they gave to us. But now I am in a different place.

"It was an horrendous time. We were in shock and disbelief. How could two such lovely people get the same cancer and die within two years of each other? I was devastated to lose them both so quickly and so horribly.

"I am both nervous and excited that something I do tomorrow can make such a difference to someone else’s life.”

Serena has also been supported in her efforts to raise the cash by members of her local Weight Watchers groups, where she is a member.

She said: “Between my JustGiving page and the members from my local Weight Watchers groups, I have almost enough.

"I will be collecting more donations tomorrow at Swinford. Then for a few weeks after, I will be visiting the weight loss groups again to show them what they have donated too.”

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