Young voters targeted for Warwickshire County Council elections

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Warwickshire County Council has taken steps to make sure

that the 18 year olds on the electoral roll turn out to

vote at the county council elections on Thursday (May 2).

With the names and addresses available of all who have

registered since the last local government elections in

2012, the county council has designed a postcard and is

mailing it out to all the young first-time voters.

This will go to approximately 2,300 homes reminding the

young people that the county council elections are taking

place and that they should go to one of the hundreds of

polling stations in their district or borough to register

their vote.

Jim Graham, Chief Executive of Warwickshire County Council

and County Returning Officer, said: “The county council

performs so many duties that are relevant to young people.

Not only education and youth services where the link is

obvious but, as they become old enough to drive and are in

the job market, they are affected directly by the council’s

input into transport and economic regeneration.

“We do not want the results of the election not to reflect

the input of such an important sector of Warwickshire’s


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