Benefit changes: punishing the tenants

Having read the article on the “impact of the bedroom tax” (Advertiser, June 27), I would like to respond, as I am one of the tenants affected.

It will not bring down the housing bill – it will add to it.

I am not convinced that there are such high numbers of overcrowded properties to justify this tax, and even implementing it does not necessarily mean that tenants will move, so what’s the point? This “bedroom tax” is akin to what happened in Scotland with the ‘clearances’ in the 18th and 19th centuries when the landed gentry realised they could make more money from sheep farming, and evicted farmers with no concern for their welfare. Tenants who are poor and sick and for whatever reason are unable to work are being forced out of their homes to be replaced by tenants who work.

I suggest that mobile home parks are established as this would be a much better and cheaper solution to this housing crisis.

Tenants who are willing to move into a mobile home could have their right to buy transferred.

By implementing this tax, tenants are being punished for being unable to contribute to the system, and this is wholly unsatisfactory.

Janet Schwartz