Cemex plan: waste plant in the wrong place

Since my letter in the Advertiser (July 18) regarding the current planning application made by Sita UK, it seems people living in Rugby are unaware of where Malpass Farm is.

This massive waste plant will be placed near Parkfield Road, Newbold-on-Avon within a 100 metres of people’s homes and near Avon Valley School.

On Friday, Northamptonshire County Council entered a £53 million seven-year contract with Sita UK Ltd to deal with Northamptonshire’s waste and bring it all to the Malpass Farm site Rugby.

Do your readers realise what this will mean to our supposed market town and its environment?

This is not a local solution to our local waste problem as Cemex have told you in their Community Matters publication.

I would like as many people to write to Matthew Williams, Warwickshire County Council, Shire Hall, Warwick before August 8 with their concerns.

If people power is out there, we must all show our concerns united.

Patricia Wyatt

Livingstone Avenue West,

Long Lawford