Cheryl on song with new EP release of worhsip music

Cheryl Shepherd
Cheryl Shepherd

A Rugby worship leader is celebrating the release of her first EP of church worship songs.

Musician Cheryl Shepherd has collaborated with local indie-folk band Speak, Brother for her debut worship release.

Helped by songwriting husband Jonny and Speak, Brother her debut worship EP ‘Bright Light’, was released on April 20.

Speak, Brother, who recorded the official song of Rugby town for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, are well known for their earthy story-telling style, with themes of faith.

The Rugby-based quartet of James Herring, Matthew Cotterill, Nathan Morris and Dan Smith worked on the new four-track release by Cheryl since last summer.

Cheryl and Jonny Shepherd, who lead the music team at New Life Church Rugby in Railway Terrace, have been writing and recording music for churches for many years and already have a number of previous releases.

Cheryl said, “We wanted to record some new songs for the church that were real and genuine heart-songs, that also stood up musically alongside other contemporary artists.

“Many people may have a preconceived idea that Church music might be old fashioned or irrelevant, but we wanted to do something fresh and exciting.

“These songs have been beautifully recorded by the band and we can’t wait to get them into people’s homes and churches.”

Mother-of-three Cheryl has helped lead congregations since the 1990s.

An experienced worship leader and musician, she has been involved in many large events including a Jesus Culture UK event in 2006 as well as recent conferences held by Global Horizons.

Cheryl’s EP Bright Light is available through iTunes, Amazon, Play Store Spotify and other retailers.

The tracks are also available from Cheryl and Jonny’s website