Crem plan: get it right

Again we have blinkered and ‘not in my back yard’ protests about the proposed crematorium.

I presume from their latest response to the artist’s impression, the people from Barby and Kilsby live in very high buildings and have superb eyesight. If the proposed building has a flat roof then surely it will blend in much easier than if it were to have a 1930s pitched roof with red bricks!

My personal view is while the proposed building is very acceptable, it doesn’t mention how the building is made up to, ie how many chapels?

Having been to several cremations where the bereaved had to wait for a previous service, I would expect there to be at least two chapels, and the possibility of any future planning for expansion, as the population of the surrounding areas expands.

So come on Rugby and Daventry councils, let’s get it right first time.

B Pargeter,

Bromwich Road, Rugby.