Kids adore water park

I have just read the comments from a Rugby Borough Council spokesman that the water play area in the Whitehall rec was only used for a couple of weeks of the year [‘Families fume at closure of popular Rugby water park’, Advertiser May 3].

Our garden backs onto the area of the water park, and we can say without any doubt, that the waterpark had a lot of use last summer.

Whenever the sun was out and the water switched on (which was not often enough) we could hear youngsters laughing and playing over our fence. Adults sat on the grass with books, newspapers etc. knowing that their children were having a lovely time in a safe environment that did not cost them anything.

When the temporary car park goes please think about setting up something that the toddlers and younger children can have for themselves.

I am sure a lot of parents can write in with their own ideas and suggestions.

Mrs E Russell.

Hillmorton Road, Rugby.