Letter of the week: blown away by support of the town

May I, on behalf of Rugby Town FC, pay its due respect to the fantastic, colourful support the club received from the Rugby Town community at our play off final last Saturday. The officials of the club were truly blown away with the response from the people of Rugby that came to Butlin Road to support their local team. The attendance of 1,126 was one of our biggest attendances in the last 20 years and reaffirms our own self- belief that the football loving people of Rugby want, nay, demand a successful football team. Although, disappointingly, the result did not go our way, the whole day was still a very enjoyable experience as we witnessed a raucous, enthusiastic, support, not seen on the terraces of the stadium for many a year. With support and encouragement like that, I personally felt that this was not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter in this club’s proud history, and we urge and encourage all those that took their precious time off on their bank holidays to attend the game, to please come again and again over the following season, get behind the team and ensure that we can win this league next time out as champions. With support like we had on Monday, we could walk it!

Danny Lorden

Rugby Town VP