Letter of the week: Brownsover wasn’t asked whether it wanted a new Tesco

AS a resident of Brownsover. I would like to begin by commending the owners of both the Spar and Bargain Booze shops in Hollowell Way for serving our community well over the past years.

If this sounds like a eulogy it may very well be, as Rugby Borough Council in its infinite wisdom has give permission for Tesco to rear its ugly head AGAIN in our area.

There will be a Tesco Metro opening on September 2 immediately next door to the Brownsover shops, taking the place of the Merry Monk pub.

Why? There is already the main Tesco store a stone’s throw away from here and a Tesco Metro near the station. What about the staff, owners and their families who are making their living working at these local shops?

I hope residents of this area band together and still shop and support our smaller merchants.

Once again the council goes ahead and does whatever it wants in Brownsover. Another example of this is the construction of a mobile phone mast 50 yards from the junior school and adjacent to the shops without anyone having a say.

You wouldn’t get away with that in Dunchurch!

Rosalind Hampton,