Letter of the week: can anyone explain why this crem is being built here?

CAN anyone give a common sense answer to the question of why Rugby and Daventry 
appear to be the only councils in the UK which find it acceptable to build a new, extra-large 
capacity polluting crematorium?

It is very close and virtually adjacent to: two large and expanding schools, numerous rugby pitches, polo fields, a gymkhana site, a miniature railway, allotments, a large and well-established residential area, an area of outstanding beauty and nature trail, a road with a high accident rate and high quality agricultural land.

Additional pollution will also come from the large number of vehicles attempting to access the site past the schools, playing fields etc. More vehicles also means more accidents.

Why does our council deem it acceptable to put our existing and future generations of children to these additional risks?

All parents should take note of these proposals and act accordingly.

Rugby and Daventry councils claim there is a need for this development but surely it should be sited between the two towns in open country. It seems ludicrous Daventry should want a crematorium on the very edge of Hillmorton with such potential traffic problems through Hillmorton and villages such as Barby, Kilsby and Dunchurch.

Why is Rugby Borough Council even considering an application from Daventry to build this crematorium on our community’s doorstep and not in their own back yard?

PG Rose,

Percival Road, Rugby.