Letter of the week: council leader’s actions portray Rugby in a bad light

When does a joke stop being funny? When it’s Cllr Humphrey’s latest episode in the ridiculous portraying of Rugby in a poor light on the national stage.

Is this not the diametric opposite of that which his ‘allowance’ was doubled to achieve?

I refer, of course, to the feature in Private Eye, the second time Cllr Humphrey has made national prominence under the auspices of a ‘Rotten Borough’ member, in which they rightly ridicule his role in Rugby Borough Council’s Local Authority Mortgage Scheme; witness the Advertiser’s corresponding feature published on Thursday May 31.

However can Cllr Humphrey not think that a scheme entitled Local Authority Mortgage Scheme could not materially benefit him in his role as a…. wait…. what is it this week? Ah, a ‘freelance property consultant’.

As soon as this even came near the council building, Cllr Humphrey should have distanced himself from its passage to a distance that was appropriate and would not give rise to claims of a conflict.

And that means no participation in debate, or voting whatsoever, irrespective of whether his potential benefit thereof were listed on his register of interests. He should not even have spoken to anyone even remotely in bringing this £1m scheme to fruition if there was even a slither of a chance he would be seen to materially benefit from its adoption.

But again, as usual, good grace and Cllr Humphrey proved to be ill bed-fellows.

And yet again, our borough the laughing stock of the nation’s favourite satirical journal and listing as ‘rotten’.

Sally Stephens,

The Kent, Rugby.