Letter of the week: disincentive isn’t benefit

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The coalition government is planning on introducing a new personal independence payment (PIP) to replace the Disability Living Allowance. I watched the cross party panel questioning the department responsible for the introduction of the PIP on the parliamentary TV channel and unfortunately couldn’t stop laughing. The reason for this was that a young man being questioned by the panel responded to a question with the following “We have found that people who are in receipt of DLA have a disincentive to work.”. For those who are not familiar with the DLA benefit it is not just awarded to people who have permanent disabilities, it is also awarded to people who are going to be incapacitated by major surgery and are likely to be unable to work for at least six months. I am about to undergo major surgery and am in receipt of DLA and I can categorically say that my disincentive to work is based purely on the pain that I am at present suffering and has absolutely nothing to do with claiming DLA.

Janet Schwartz

The Orchard, Marton