Letter of the week: hopes for old church

Cllr Roodhouse recently wrote to this paper about the former St Matthew’s church building, recognising the potential the building has.

I would like to extend an invite (save the date) to any interested people in the town to come and listen and interact to the proposals and vision that has been developing by the Greater Things in Rugby team. We are passionate about writing a new chapter for this strategic and sacred building that has served the town since the middle of the 19th century as a place of worship.

Greater Things in Rugby is an independent group of local Christians from different backgrounds and places, having been drawn together by a mutual desire to connect people with God in relevant and relaxed ways, in the culture that they are in today. This team came together following a public meeting held in early October 2012. The emerging vision is for the building to be developed to enable a contemporary facility where people in the town can come and enjoy space, God’s presence and peace, a place of prayer, relaxed café style hospitality, and interact with creative and performance arts activities. Essentially a space that is active and available. We seek to save this strategic and sacred building, injecting new life connected with its original purpose.

This is a significant project within the town, and there is a long journey ahead and we are planning a public meeting on Thursday February 7 at 7.30pm for people to meet the Greater Things in Rugby steering team. We will present our vision and progress we have made. We hope to host this meeting at the former St Matthew’s church, but we will be confirming and promoting the meeting in the coming weeks. Email greaterthingsinrugby@gmail.com to keep informed.

Rob Saunders

Chair of “Greater Things in Rugby” Steering Team