Letter of the week: Howard is on our side

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I was disheartened to see that last week’s letters page carried an attack on independent councillor Howard Roberts by the WCC Conservative councillor, [‘We’re doing it already’, 
Advertiser September 6].

Both of them were elected to take care of Dunchurch!

The misdeed Cllr Roberts is alleged to have committed was raising the issue of safety along Cawston Lane, Dunchurch.

Whilst the Conservative councillor probably thought his outburst was a sharp political move, he forgets Howard was speaking on behalf of many residents like me, who are concerned about the state and safety of Cawston Lane.

If the angry councillor ever deigned to visit the residents in question, as Cllr Roberts frequently does, he would know we have been upset for many years by the county council’s inactivity on this issue.

We came out onto the lane to discover “doing it” was simply filling the holes with tarmac, leaving the road an unsightly, uneven mess still!

We are told the county council cannot finance road 
improvements on Cawston Lane. However, vast sums have been magically found for road safety initiatives in Newbold and Brownsover at the behest of their county councillors.

Perhaps Dunchurch needs a stronger voice representing us at the county council - step forward Howard Roberts?

Mij Lambert,