Letter of the week: Low-life who burgled us

WE would like to thank the man who chased the low-life who burgled our house on Bank Holiday Monday while we were away.

We don’t know who he was, but we’d like to shake his hand for being so public-spirited. The individual who did this to us is still walking the streets, which unnerves us.

He has taken things belonging to my late mother and grandmother - things I cannot replace. We had our TV taken too, but you can replace things like that.

The effect on my husband and I is devastating: our nerves are bad and we are on edge all the time.

We had a week-long break which we thought would do us good as we have both had health problems.

My husband had a brain tumour that has left him partially-sighted and I had cancer three years ago and had to cancel our last holiday because of it.

The individuals who do these things don’t realise the devastation they cause. I don’t think we will ever get over this.

We would also like to thank the police for their support. I know they are working hard to recover all we have lost.

If anyone knows anything relating to this burglary please let the police know.

We have to do something to get this kind of thing stopped and get these people put away so we can all feel safe in our homes.

Mrs R Beech,

Queen Victoria Street, Rugby.