Letter of the week: Moved by article

I was moved by Peter Horton’s article (Advertiser last week) and completely agree the place has an effect on one’s senses that is, in the worst sense of the word , unique. It is also what one hears that appals. My wife and I visited it in 2011 whilst staying in nearby Krakow. We were escorted around by a quietly unassuming Pole in his mid 30s and some of the things he described are still difficult to talk about. However he showed us a building used as a biological experiments centre by the SS and told us it pioneered a drug that once injected rendered men infertile. Had it proved cost effective, documents captured revealed it would have been used on the entire population of the western Soviet Union, then only partly conquered. Our guide spoke quietly and effectively and left us without words to respond. Such industrial genocide would have dwarfed even the Holocaust. The word ‘racism’ hardly begins to describe such Nazi motivation. I am glad the sixth formers got an opportunity to view the camp for themselves for the next generations must learn the story, harrowing though it may be if its lessons are to endure. My thanks to Mr Horton for his piece.

Rob Dunster

Via email