Letter of the week: Neighbours - sort it out

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I am writing this rant sat listening to a cacophony of noise which at the moment is a mixture of animals barking, children crying and neighbours launching bigger and louder fireworks into the sky.

I am all for enjoying this time of year, in fact if I had no little one and no pet, I would probably be out, freezing to death, oohing and aahing at the fireworks as the whizz into the sky. My energy however is being diverted into anger, anger at the fact that neighbours on all sides of me seem to be playing “Keeping up with the Jones’s” by the need to have bigger and better fireworks then the next house.

I have a ten-month-old son, who has never experienced fireworks and who, unfortunately is teething at the same time as people seem intent on destroying the peace. He is struggling to sleep at the best of times, but with the added whizzes and bangs going off every 10 secs, which in turn makes my dog bark and yelp in anguish, he is finding it impossible. When I was younger, if my parents ever wanted to hold a birthday party in their back garden, they would inform the neighbours that 25+ children will be descending on us and that they would do their best to keep the noise levels to a minimum. If they had a bonfire to “celebrate” Guy Fawkes Night, they would let the neighbours know, so they could close windows and generally prepare for more noise coming from our garden.

I would not want to stop anyone having fun on what is a great night for having fun, but just a simple knock on the door, to let us know that we could be expecting noise, surely wouldn’t go amiss. Who knows when Mr Smith found out the Mr Jones and Mr Davies are also holding a fireworks party, they could all have got together to help out, hold one big get together - and reduce the sheer amount of noise that was being created.

Then again, I suppose this would mean neighbours actually talking to each other - and that is a totally different story altogether.

Neil Merritt,
Murray Road, Rugby