Letter of the week: no need for the sermon

YOUR correspondent and former local vicar’s letter (Support gay marriage, Advertiser December 20) takes issue with our MP’s opposite views to his on same-sex marriage.

I and millions of others have a third view. If people of the same sex want to get married to each other, whether it be in a church or not, has nothing to do with anybody else or religion (whichever denomination) or Parliament. Who cares?

You would think the church and Government had got better things to do than meddle in people’s private lives, what with women wanting to be bishops. What next, a woman Prime Minister? A female editor of the Advertiser?

The letter then quotes from the New Testament, with Jesus purporting to support gay marriage, and yet in the Old Testament, in the guise of His Father, He sent the Angel of Death to destroy, with fire and brimstone, Sodom and Gomorrah. So is Jesus saying He/His Father was wrong in that instance? How confusing.

No wonder, in another article in your paper, 24,281 people in Rugby (make that 24,282 since no-one asked me) have no religion. To the church and Parliament, I say mind your own business on private matters.

I am sick to death of being told what to do, when to do it, how, where, and when by so-called ‘representatives’ of the people and by some men who like to dress up in frocks and lecture us from pulpits.

Hugo Dello,

Bawnmore Road, Rugby.