Letter of the week: No shock at low turnout

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I note Cllr RP Morris-Jones’s remarks (Advertiser, November 29) regarding the recent commissioner elections.

I would suggest that the reason why the turnout was so low was the voters’ cynicism and even contempt for the system that has created an economic catastrophe that our children will not live to see resolved.

Many of our MPs fail to lead by example, instead utilising the parliamentary system for their own dubious ends with their vested business interests, expenses fiddles and generally giving an impression of greed and avarice.

It is difficult to define whether the purpose of parliament is to serve the people or perpetuate the existing parliamentary sytem.

The commissioner elections are estimated to have cost about £65 million pounds. That equates for the winter fuel allowance reduction for 1,300,000 pensioners.

This is without the costs involved in the setting up and staffing of this new bureaucratic empire.

The government should heave a sigh of relief that the protests were reflected through absence at the ballot box and not by demonstrations on the streets - at least for the time being.

George Compton,

Cordelia Way, Rugby.