Letter of the week: please don’t block lanes

As a longstanding Rugby cyclist who uses a bicycle as a convenient and environmentally friendly means of getting into town whilst at the same time allowing me some healthy exercise, I was delighted when Rugby began to pay more attention to the needs of the cyclist by providing cycle lanes in some areas, particularly much of Bilton Road which I use almost daily.

I feel safer when availing myself of this welcome facility. However, I am becoming increasingly inconvenienced by cars or delivery vans which park across the cycle lanes. This forces me onto the busy main road or on to the footpath where there is no room for a cycle lane and, to the annoyance of many pedestrians.

It would appear that motor power takes precedence over pedal power! Can I make a plea to all Rugby drivers to have a little more consideration for those of us who choose to take the healthy option?

Angela Harries

via email