Letter of the week: question over plan

It is great to see that an extension to the Clock Towers with a new shopping centre is to go ahead – it sounds just what Rugby needs to bring it into the 21st century. However, there are some questions to be addressed.

What with the pedestrianisation of Church and North Streets, will Evreux Way also be pedestrianised and how will it effect through town traffic and parking? Will we see better (and cheaper) car parking facilities?

Perhaps a half descent multi-storey car park that can take the amount of added vehicles, and a much improved road infrastructure with less traffic queues which we have to much of at the moment even with the (white elephant) relief road.

What effect will it have on the local residents with the bars, restaurants and a cinema as regards to noise, more traffic, parking, antisocial behaviour at week-ends and litter?

Where are people going to park to go to the restaurants and cinema in the evenings?

Do we need more bars and restaurants in the town? After the shopping centre has been built will the rents and rates be affordable to the smaller quirky, more interesting, bright businesses and shops which bring something different to the public?

Or will we see more of the same old usual High Street chain of shops which are dull and expensive and the only ones who can pay the high rents and rates? I’m all for it, but there are just a few small questions that need to be asked.

Nik Hewitt

Johnny Porkers Full English, Railway Terrace, Rugby