Letter of the week: St Cross Hospitals’ great care

I had to go into hospital for a back operation.

I was not looking forward to it, due to hearing about people getting infections, how bad the food was, and so on.

However, I was lucky to go into St Cross in Rugby on May 27 under the care of Mr Choksey.

After meeting him, he assured me he could solve the problem of months of pain down my left leg and back pain, making it difficult to walk far.

I had such faith in him and his skills.

It’s early days yet, but I hope in six weeks I will have a better quality of life.

The hospital was spotless, the food first-class, and the nurses took great care of me.

I feel so strongly that I should let others know how I found St Cross and to praise the hospital for a change, as so often all hospitals get is criticism and they really don’t deserve it.

Jacqueline Eaves-Campbell

White Hart Lane, Ufton