Letter of the week: think about hedgehogs

I have recently written to the borough council planning department in an effort to address a serious threat to our local hedgehogs. I am concerned that I have not yet seen any evidence that hedgehogs have returned to my garden. I now realise that the main reason is the type of fencing used in adjoining developments. Houses are completely boxed in by concrete posts with a two feet high concrete slab (gravel board) interlocked between them. This means hedgehogs are no longer able to move around the area foraging for food, mainly slugs and snails which are predicted to be numerous this year. A simple answer is to provide sufficient panels with suitable holes in their construction. Surely in this day and age it is not beyond the capabilities of manufacturers to produce a suitable number of such panels. Hedgehogs are now a seriously threatened species relying increasingly on suburban areas and we must do all we can to help them survive.

Alan Atkins

Browning Road, Hillmorton