Letter of the week: ticket zeal keeps us out

I took the opportunity to visit Rugby town centre on Easter Monday. The majority of retailers were closed, the streets were empty and there were very few people in the town centre. At a time when the local council should be looking at initiatives to encourage people to visit the town, support the local business people and try to bring some life back to the high street, what are we met with? A parking ticket, with a fine of £50. On Easter Monday. The easiest way to encourage people back into the town centre is to make it easy for people to do so on days when the office workers will be at home. This type of over-zealous action will continue to deter people from using our town centre. We will continue to see businesses close as the recession continues to bite. I would challenge Rugby Borough Council to take the initiative and make our town centre an example to others in the country by making it easier and cheaper for us to come in by car.

Phil Clarke

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